Speshulness has a sister :3

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Speshulness has a sister :3

Post by Bee on August 2nd 2010, 5:05 am

Name: Lemonkit -- This name has been Lynx-approved X3
Gender: She-cat
Age: Newborn - 1 moon
Affiliate: ThunderClan
Rank: Kit

Her eyes are a bright milky yellow-gold :3 And, ah, minus the collar, of course.


... and I like this picture too :D

Personality: Lemonkit is a quirky little she-cat with little to no attention span, although it has been improving now that she can't see things that'll distract her. She has no idea what the majority of her Clanmates look like, and has almost forgotten what the ones that she has seen look like. She is very creative, and is constantly trying to guess what each Clanmate looks like based on their voices and what their fur feels like. She made everyone promise not to tell her until she got it right.

This spunky she-cat likes to follow her older brother Cottonkit around, especially when he goes out of camp to explore on his 'adventures'. She likes to figure things out by herself, and hates it when people blurt out answers before she has time to think about it for herself. She can have quite a temper, but her brother's presence usually calms her down.

Lemonkit likes to leap headfirst into situations, and tries to be optimistic, even though she can't help but be a pessimist at times. She laughs and makes jokes about her eyesight, and it's not really a sore subject with her unless someone laughs at her or is mean to her about it. She goes by her own rules and doesn't really get the concept of StarClan.
Birth: Ehm... Cl...an?

History: She was born a few days before her (foster?) mother died, a completely fine kit although a bit on the smaller side. The first few days were going just fine, until her vision started to go funny. Nobody knows for sure what happened, but darkness shrouded her eyes until she could see no more.

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Re: Speshulness has a sister :3

Post by Ace on August 2nd 2010, 10:49 am

I'll call her Quirkspunk. Cause when I skimmed over this, those are the two words that stuck out.


===> Moved


That's pants-on-head retarded.

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